Fraud Control and Prevention

Fraud Control and Prevention

We shall become the fabric within organizations and assist in setting up / provide support on :-

1 Pre - Disbursement, Post – Disbursement Fraud Control Checks.
2 Support organizations in conduct of “Investigations” for Loans detected with Fraud Documents at any stage during the Loan Process and provide our observations.
3 Conduct Pre Empanelment Business Partner Review / Vendor Due Diligence Checks.
4 Conduct Company Verification / Due Diligence Checks for SEP/ SENP cases at Pre / Post Disbursement Stage.
5 Mystery Shopping Exercise.
6 Support in setting up a Hotline/ Whistle Blowing Process outside of the Organizations for Employees to share grievances/ escalate workplace harassment. We can provide assistance to HR & Fraud Control Teams and share an outside view. This process would act to provide a 360 degree feedback process.
7 Setting up Smart Surveillance Systems for capturing Visual Evidences of Events across the Organization’s in High Transaction Zones.

Support Organizations on managing Law Enforcement Process

Support & Work closely with Legal/ Fraud Control / I.T / Audit & Compliance/ HR Teams on filing of Police Complaints / Registering FIR’s under the following scenarios :

1 Internal Employee Investigations .
2 Help organizations combat Threatening and Malicious Calls / Emails received by Staff of the institution from co-colleagues based upon facts / evidences.
3 Provide Support on instances referred to Legal / Fraud Control Team/ HR/ Audit team for resolution purposes.

Litigation Support Services

We have a team of Ace Lawyer’s to assist organizations on Civil / Criminal Matters.

Skip Tracing

We would work closely across an organization to help provide intelligence on customer’s classified under this category.

Fraud Investigation and Recovery

Support Fraud / Audit & Compliance teams towards Investigations of Fraud Cases, Registering FIR’s if required and Recoveries of Monies thereof for protecting the interest and image of Organization.

Process Enabling Solutions