From the Chairman’s Desk

Ladies & Gentleman. Welcome to the World of Integrity Verification Services.

My 36 years of service in the Indian Police Service as an Officer has seen me overseeing functions of CID, Intelligence, Crime Bureau, Law & Order, Traffic Management. I have just carried my journey on with creating a stronger environment in the Corporate World by adopting sincere & honest practices.

Integrity Verification Services offers public and private-sector clients services in the arenas of Background Screening & Fraud Prevention & Control . The company is a constituent of the EIPR Group which was founded in the year 2003.

The Indian Economy has seen taking significant strides in the space of Banking & Financial Services, Insurance Segment and the Telecom Space over the last decade. There has been a lot of contributions by Organizations Worldwide who have invested in the India Growth Story and we can see this trend continuing . The last decade has been equally important for us too at Integrity Verification Services as we have charted our growth with the Industry and have earned the “Respect” as a preferred service partner in the space of Background Screening Services from many of our clients. Today we cater to practically an array of Industry Segments who believe in creating a Sound Organizations by staying invested on conducting a thorough Employee Background Screening while building their Human Capital.

As an ISO 27001 : 2005 Certified Organization we believe in practicing “Sound Management Ethics & Principles” while offering “Value Added Services” to its clients. Further more Integrity Verification Services has over time earned a Rightful place in the following associations - National Skills Registry, Member of the World Association of Detectives, Member of the Indian Association of Professional Background Screeners.

Amidst the Growth Story, the last decade has sadly also witnessed the collapse of many “Reputed Institutions” due to lack of Internal Controls, Complete Breakdown of Processes & Financial Frauds which were committed by their Internal Employees, Instances of Wrongful Practices in Reporting Financial Statements, Overvaluation of Stocks which also led to erosion of Public Trust.

Events like these created disillusionment in “Basic Beliefs”,” Value Systems “ as it threw the Markets out of gear, resulting in job losses in many countries. As Organizations collapsed there was large scale mayhem with the Government swinging into action to protect the interests of the Investors & Restoring Public Confidence.

My belief is that there still exist a method in this madness too.

This has been is a learning curve. The world has learnt its lessons and today organizations worldwide believe in investing towards creating Strong Risk Management Processes.

Integrity Verification Services has a dedicated Fraud Control Division to offer services and address the needs of Banking, Non Banking Financial Clients, Insurance Industry & Telecom Sector.

We stand equipped with teams who have conducted Complex Investigations across an array of industries. The Fraud Control team at Integrity Verification Services are a set of experienced professionals who can help build Robust Fraud Prevention & Control Services, Conduct Internal Employee Investigations, Conduct Complex Investigations by partnering with Audit/ Compliance/ HR teams for setting up Whistle Blowing Systems.

Our proficient professionals include Certified Fraud Examiners, Law Enforcement Officers, An Expert Legal Team, Agents as well as Trained Investigators.

We at Integrity Verification Services have a Mission that we strongly believe in -